The Treasure of The Tomb of Ankahet


This quest was discovered after the players met "Bennie" in Mahanagari. Bennie sold a treasure map to the players, telling them that it lead to The Tomb of Ankhahet. Bennie offered to take them to the dungeon, but refused to go in it. 

Bennie couldn't say exactly what was inside, but only guaranteed that there would be treasure.


The adventurer's went into the tomb and battled an Anubite to gain entry to the second level of the tomb. On the second level, they answered the riddles of two Riddle Demons to gain access to the third level. On the third level, the adventurers encountered a necromancer resurrecting Ankahet's mummy. The necromancer teleported away, leaving them to do battle with the mummy.

The adventurers were able to destroy Ankahet's mummy in battle and collect the treasures of his tomb before teleporting out. 


Various treasures and The Staff of Ankahet


The Treasure of The Tomb of Ankahet

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