The Tomb of Ankhahet


The Tomb of An'khahet is the burial site of the ancient king, Ankahet. Lost to the ages, its entrance is only revealed at the exact minute of midnight.

The tomb is located in the mountains east of Mahanagari on the desert island of Asimbali.

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The Treasure of The Tomb of Ankahet

First Level

The first level of the tomb houses the servants quarters, as it was standard to bury the king's servants with him in ancient Asimbali, a kitchen, a storage room, and a Guardian's Chamber.

The Guardian for An'khahet's tomb was an Anubite, a large dog-headed celestial being, charged with preventing intruders from reaching the king's resting place. 

Once the guardian was defeated, the room's Teleporting Stone was activated, allowing passage to the second level of the tomb.

Second Level

On this level, a sentient wall informs those who find it that they must complete the riddles of the two Riddle Demons found on the same level. Once the band of adventurers was able to find the two demons and solve their respective riddles they were granted access to the third floor via a Teleporting Stone that was brought forth by the sentient wall upon their victorious return.

Third Level

The final level of the tomb consists of a large burial chamber with a ziggurat in the middle. On top of the ziggurat lies Ankahet's sarcophagus, Ankahet's mummy inside. A hidden door in one of the walls hides the passage way to An'khahet's treasure room.  

Ankahet was resurrected by a mysterious necromancer who then teleported away, leaving the heroes to battle the mummy. The heroes bested the mummy in combat, revealing the treasure chamber and a Teleporting Stone that took them out of the tomb complex.

The Tomb of Ankhahet

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