Escape from the Lair of the Serpent King


Roughly a year after the slave revolt in Nilbog, a band of upstart adventurers left from Theros on a small caravel, "The Albatross," and departed from the town of East Port in the Kingdom of Hoder after resupplying for the journey across the open sea. Their journey was unexpectedly cut short as a major storm appeared out of thin air and something attacked the ship, dragging the adventurers down with it. 

The party woke in a jail cell in a damp, dark underground complex some unknown amount of time later. They broke out of the jail and ventured forth into the complex, looking for escape. They found the complex was occupied by Naga and battled their way through. Along the way, the sentient stored memories of one of the complex's constructors let them know that the vicious Serpent King was locked away within its halls. The Serpent King was summoning the Naga and attempting to gain power to return to the surface and wreak havoc. The memory informed them that they would have to either defeat the beast or bring the complex crumbling down around them in order to prevent its escape.

The adventurers opted to help defeat the beast, rather than leave. One of them gave their soul to wield Lhug Dagnir, a cursed blade that would have the power to fell the great snake. After defeating the Naga garrison they ventured into the Serpent King's prison and defeated him after a heated battle.

After the battle, the sentient memory then sacrificed its remaining energy to help them escape the sunken complex, carving a path through the stone that came out on top of a mountain on the island of Small Puddle.

Escape from the Lair of the Serpent King

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