Tales of Overworld

Chapter 4: North to Hearthend

Fall of the Djinn Lords

After entering The Castle in the Sky with Melyuk, the party was able to defeat Aru, Djinn Lord of Water and Babbakazzad, Djinn Lord of Fire. They were propositioned by Simbali, Djinn Lord of Sands, to take his bracers, turning him into a mortal, allowing the party to continue higher into the castle to confront the highest Djinn lord, and freeing him from Djinn society and rule, as long as the party agreed to take down the highest Djinn lord, Nebbukazzad, Djinn Lord of Shadows.

After agreeing to Simbali's request, the party ventured forth to the highest Djinn lord's room, only to interrupt a meeting between the Djinn lord and the mysterious necromancers from the tomb and crashed airship. The necromancers left, commanding Nebbukazzad to destroy the party once and for all.

Despite the party wanting to parley, Nebbukazzad informed them that his hand was forced in the matter, for the necromancers were working for a more powerful force than any of them, that would destroy him if he disobeyed. Battled ensued, with some of the party falling combat (namely Kaslan, the Paladin) or being knocked unconscious while Melyuk was trapped, suspended in the air by Nebbukazzad's magic. After seeing his companions fall, Melyuk was able to break free from his magical holds and destroyed Nebbukazzad with a powerful blast of meteors, followed by the use of Power Word Kill. 

After the battle, Melyuk used powerful wish magic to wish Kaslan back to life and resuscitate the rest of the party. The party and Melyuk were finally able to teleport out of the Castle in the Sky and return to Jadu's chamber. Upon returning, Jadu was shocked to see that they finally made it out and informed the party that a month had passed since they entered, and, despite his best efforts, he couldn't contact them or enter the castle due to the Djinn Lords' magic. Jadu also informed the party that the outbreak of undead in Marudyana ended with the town being quarantined, all of the healthy being evacuated, and military posts being placed to prevent anyone from entering the blighted town. 

North to Hearthend

With the drama settling down following the battle with the Djinn Lords, the party turned once more to Trade Princess Dhani for work. Dhani informed them that the only work she could possibly have for them was that she needed a trade agreement proposal delivered to the King of Hearthend. She told the party that she would pay them well for their trouble and give them personal passage there on one of her royal tradeships. The party readily agreed and set sail for Hearthend. 

Upon arriving in the town of Cyrport in Hearthend, the party asked around about securing passage to the town of Hearth to deliver the trade proposal. They were informed that they would be best off waiting for a carriage to come through town near the inn and book passage on it.

Looking for work in the meantime, the party perused the local Jobs Board and started the quest Noisy Neighbors, where they were contracted to investigate a mysterious noise emanating from a man's basement in town. Upon investigating, the party found that a beholder had somehow made its way under the man's cellar floor and was thrashing about, trying to escape. The party felled the beast and collected their reward from the man.

Later, after much consultation with various resources, the party elected to purchase a boat and some property, as well as have the halfling squad from earlier in the campaign teleported to their location by Melyuk, in order to start a fledgling fishing business. 


Gadrax Gadrax

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